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04-23-2009, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Ribban View Post
I think it's absurd. I can't really describe it any other way.

I mean, Tingsryd is somehow pissed .... because Asplöven didn't fold but instead played the best hockey they could. Were they supposed to fold?!?!? That would have been subject to an investigation in my book. If this is Taif's complaint, I find it absurd that the federation didn't kick it out 10 seconds after it was recieved.

I guess Taif also had a problem with Huddinge getting stuck in easter traffic and arrived late, therefore the game was delayed in Örebro. Bad. But, TAIF also declined the option to extend the 1st intermission and allow the game in Örebro to "catch up." WHY?!?!? Asplöven would have been just as bothered by the extra wait as TAIF would have been.

However, I still think that Tingsryd has a better team than both Huddinge and Nybro proved to be. They also have a strong base at home, selling out the barn night in and night out, so sure, I wouldn't let a few bad apples ruin the batch. I think tiny circumstances and "lucky bounces" (as always) put Örebro ahead of Tingsryd this year. Taif is clearly too good for division 1.
Haha Asplöven had like 13 skaters for the game too, so I don't know if they were that bribed.

Anyway its a typical Asplöven game.

In 2003 Örnsköldvik HC beats AHC with 11-1 at home. In Asplövens last game they play Ö-Vik at home, Ö-Vik outshoots them 52-18, guess the score! 6-3 to Asplöven. Ö-Vik would have stayed in the Allsvenskan with a big win in that game...

I've lead a game 9-0 with Asplöven, and lost 9-10 (we changed our goalie after 30 minutes, the backup wasn't stellar... ). We once put 95 shots on net in a game, and still lost, 9-11 I think or 8-10 or something (that must be some kind of record, we had 6 regular players (it was the last game of the regular season, on a sunday, and on Monday the qualifications for the div 1 started so the game was optional. We played the worst team in the Kalott-league (mix of swedish and finnish teams) that had not won a game all year. We had 6 guys from the mens team and a handful of kids. We took like a 7-0 lead after 25-30 minutes, then the other team scored a couple of goals and started to play like they were crazy. Shooting 95 shots and still loosing must be a record that never will be broken.

There isn't a sane person within 50 km's of that organization (for good and bad)...

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