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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
You are contradicting yourself. Union's are rarely in the best interests of workers. There are instances both in the past and in the present where they have helped, but they do little to help the average worker. And the American way is to watch out for yourself, not forming inefficient groups who serve only the interests of a few.
Smokey, I think the original poster was saying that people have the right to organize (unionize). It's irrelevant that it may or may not be in their best interest. The choice should still be theirs.

I happen to agree with you that organization is rarely in the individual's interest, when the whole of their options are taken into consideration.

The american way used to be self-reliance and individual pursuit, but in reality today it is not even close to that. The government (be it state, local or Federal) gets involved in just about every transaction humans can engage in. And, IMO, most of the probelms between labor and management have only been aggravated by their intereference as opposed to alleviating them.


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