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Originally Posted by Newsguyone
WIthout unions, we would never have had a strong middle class.
WIthout a strong middle class, America wouldn't have become the great nation that it is.
Um.. A little history here, there was a pretty strong 'middle class' ever during the renaissance, and there was a lot of peace and precious few empires. A lot of people got very wealthy and the standard of living rose markedly.

The truth is that the 'middle class' as we know it today came from America's strong sense of property and individual ownership, not from 'organized labor.' Once such 'institutions' were created, along with a few other disastrous things like inflationary currency, Keynesian Economics, the Welfare/Warfare state (Otherwise known as the Military/Industrial Complex melded with The New Deal) and the like, the capital built by the middle class could be successfully bled dry over to build the current image of a 'great America.' The lie was that it was good for us and everyone else.

Sorry, for the blatantly OT digression, but something needed to be said.


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