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09-19-2004, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Seven_Nation_Army
Take the airline business models...what companies have filed for Chapter 11 in the US?

Compare these two with the success Southwest(non-union controlled) has had in its existence and you'll see why the Players' union must be crushed
I fly Soutwest about 50 flights a year minimum. There are reasons why they are succesful and while not having to deal with unions is one of them it is not the main reason.

The biggest reason is that they are easy to deal with. You need to change flights last second or whatever you dont get killed on fees. This is big in the long run for business travelllers like myself. It is a market they do huge business with.

Their flights are almost always on time and have great capacity %. They have a no frills atmosphere........can of coke and peanuts is what you get.

Finally, the most important reason they are so succesful (and this is the brilliant part) is that they only fly one size airline, the 737. Why is this important? Well one type of airplane, one type of engine fuel (allows to buy in more bulk), engine oil, etc....... mechanics and engineers can repair all planes which reduces other words there is no specialized people for certain planes. If you work on one, you work on all. In essence this is really what makes them so succesful. Sometimes they get a bad rap, but the service they provide is head and shoulders above the rest and that is why they get repeat business.

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