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04-23-2009, 06:10 PM
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If we have a top 10 goalie in the league then we are a cup winning team. With Biron we are only a team that has the "potential" to go deep, not win the cup.

At this point if we could get a top 10 goalie then NOBODY should be off limits. We have the depth at every position that we could afford to lose ANYONE and not have it be more of a negative impact on the team as the positive effect getting a top flight goalie would have on the team. Richards for Luongo, DONE. Sorry, I love Richards but Luongo would do more for us winning a cup than Richards. If we can get Luongo as a UFA and not have to give anyhting up then great. If we MUST give something up to get an elite goalie like that then fine, so be it. We have a very very good skating team and at best we are average in net. I've been one of Birons biggest supporters to this point but lets be honest here, he's not the type of goalie that can carry a team. The truth is that we simply aren't winning the cup with him or Nitty in net no matter how good the team in front of him plays. I thought he could, I was wrong.

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