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Originally Posted by theonejc View Post
I was reading this note on Facebook that my friend wrote, I thought that everyone here should read this and really think about what he says...

Are you a Habs fan?
Today at 6:56pm
Chances are that if you're from Montreal, you are in fact NOT a Habs fan.

A bold statement, I know, and don't take this as a personal attack on you reading this. What I'm alluding to here is that, from what I've seen and heard, there are more of you out there who are not fans. Sure, say what you will about how many jerseys you own, car flags and such, or how much money you spend on beer when you watch the game. Truth is, if you cheer when we win, and ***** when we lose, you are not a fan. I'm sorry to break it to you, but a fan doesn't jeer or harshly criticize his own players, days after chanting his name. That is not only being on the bandwagon, ladies and gentlemen, that is owning stock in the bandwagon company.

Allow me to prelude my rant. I watched game 4 of the playoffs with as much faith and zest as I watched game 4 of the regular season, when the Habs were winning at will. What the audience (I refuse to call them fans) did to Carey Price is disgusting. Absolutely unacceptable. To jeer and taunt a goalie that you heralded and praised not long before is the epitome of disrespect, ignorance, disloyalty and ungratefulness. Shame on you, seriously. It is jerks like you who buy tickets so that true fans like myself can never get any.

Show me a team that finished in the 8th seed, playing a team who ran away with the first seed, who lost their top two offensive defencemen, who lost two top-line forwards, who had players who produced half of what they did last season, who also make it to the second round of the playoffs. Picture Boston without Chara, Wideman, Kessel and Savard. Same team? Hardly.

What irks me so bloody much is that you're not giving Boston any credit. Boston beat us because they were a better team. I can still be a fan and acknowledge quality in other teams. I love the Habs, and I respect their opponents, but the Habs were outmatched, plain and simple. Don't blame Carey Price. He doesn't score goals, remember? How do you expect to beat (statistically) the best goalie in the NHL when you are putting up 1.5 goals per game? Price should be the last guy we look at. Few goals, plenty of shots, and ******* "fans" who have no respect. Frankly, you all can get lost.

Those who are calling for blood, for the firing of everyone but the Bell Centre janitor, should bite your tongues and get educated. Carey Price is a young goalie. They take time to develop. You will not see another goalie like him in many years. And those who are draft eligible will be hoping against hope that they don't get drafted by Montreal because of the mistreatment that a lot of you clowns out there tend to dish out. Carey Price is our future goalie. Gainey is a superb GM who doesn't let media and fan pressure affect his decision. He is no coach, but he is an excellent administrator. Leave him be.

Want to be able to identify a true fan? Watch how they react when their team is losing. Do they still watch games? Do they still cheer? Do they give their team a chance despite their opponent? Yes. Fake bandwagon fans are the ones who call for everyone to be fired, traded or murdered. They are the ones who talk **** about their own players. They are the ones who turn off the TV after the second period.

Carey Price is and will be an excellent goalie.

Saku Koivu has been the best thing to happen to the Habs since the cup in 1993.

Making the playoffs is the sign of a successful season.

I cheer for the Habs when they win.

I cheer for the Habs when they lose.

I cheer for the Habs. I am a Habs fan...

... are you?

If you want to read more of his notes you can follow him on Facebook: Matt Di Marco
F Matt

I'm a fan, I live near the Bell center, I cheer for the team and I don't care who says otherwise...

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