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04-23-2009, 06:55 PM
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don't do it guys dont do it

what is this thinking? how much of an idiot do you have to be to not recognize the potential disaster we might create with Carey Price

can you tell me what the ******* you are thinking when you boo our gem, our top prospect..the guy we will have to rely on for SEVERAL years in the future?

how the ******* cant you see this guy is 21 years old, playing goalie..since when are goalies reaching top potential at 21???

could you explain also how you can blame Price for loosing against Boston?? they were top seed all year long..we're missing several of our best players and you expect us to win???

did you even take a look at boston goals?? freaking one timers or perfect shot from the many breakaways did Phil freaking Kessel get? isnt he their best freaking scorer?? Price did his best and made many saves who would have been key saves in a tight matchup..

so basically the game plan is to run carey price out of town and hope he's bad? sorry that wont happen

this guy has some of the signs of a depressed person, lets encourage him..this is the hard part right there..right now! you know in 10 years when we'll be talking about Carey Price with a huge smile on our faces the same way we talk about any blue chips players I will be happy not to be among those stupid idiotic morong gutless fans who gave up on Price on that season 2008-2009.

there should be a register right now so we can make a list of all those "fans"

if you are habs fan you bleed the matter what happen you root for the team if you want but booing a single player?? You cannot do that.

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