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04-23-2009, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarmusch View Post
Sorry but who the ******* this kid think he his?
He does not have 21,000 boss he has a million boss.
A million fan who believed in this team who gave us the best start of the franchise in the last 30 years.
I'm sick of all those players who are playing the victims... the fans blah blah blah... the medias Blah blah blah. This team screwd this up. The players screwd it.
What we deserved and what I wan't it's : " Sorry fan, we choked. We Sucked. We screwd your 100th"
Becaused this is what happend.
I was at the game yesterday.
The first time in my life I went to a playoff game. I'm an habs fan for 30 years now.
The team I saw yesterday played for one period.
Price at the end of the second period told us to go ******* ourself.
We paid for this team, we love them like no other fan in the league, and they have the guts too blame us!!! WAIT A MINUT KIDS!
Its a FACT... This team stoped playing after the All Star Game... and THEY screw OUR seasons.
Don't play the victims! Be sorry.
It's not because you pay to go to a game that you have the right to be an ahole. Can you honestly say we lost yesterday's game because of Price? He was booed for no ****ing reason so he had every right to tell the crowd to ****. It's always the same thing in MTL, we are always running our goalies out of town when they don't steal us games

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