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04-23-2009, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarmusch View Post
The things is : this team is a joke for the last 6 mounth.
The crowd Booed Price, Gainey, and all the players because they deserved it.
Try to tell me they don't.
Tell me your were happy in front of your t.v.

"I have 21,000 bosses"
MAN!!!! Your damn right you have 21,000 bosses!
300$ dollars for the tickets, yes I'm your boss. I follow the team 82 games a year, yes I'm your boss. If I'm not there, you are not there either, I'm your boss.
The guts they have make me sick.
This conference was the right time to make excuses, to tell your boss you are sorry for this painful season.
No, they blames us for booing this loosy, non-competetive, *****, team who choked again, for the last time, yesterday.

why don't you suit up in net oh right cause you are a no talent loser who has to live through a kid because you can't succeed in your own life. go take a flying leap

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