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Originally Posted by Patman View Post
There are teams that must be wallowing in cash. My dream job would be, personally, to have a go at being a mathematical statistician for say the Leafs or the Rags. I say those teams because I have to imagine they have more money to spare on a lark such as a small stat analysis group. Especially with the Leafs history of floundering as they have. I'm shocked that with their potential resources that they haven't branched out. Surely that cup is worth an extra 500K USD/yr. for 4-5 statistical researchers.
Ah, but the big problem is that NHL GMs are almost all former players or scouting types who inherently trust their own eyes more than relying on numbers.

Plus there is a huge risk for any organization that breaks from the pack and takes a new route. Much easier to CYA going the traditional route.

That said from it seems that it is the west coast teams (SJS, LAK, VAN) that are the most inclined to use stats. Gillis is a former agent and therefore probably more comfortable with numbers. Sharks are in the heart of hi tech R&D and that environment might inform their management style. I don't know much about the Kings situation.

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