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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Good post...i'm looking forward to a younger generation taking over the coverage of the Habs in Montreal. The 'old guard' is spoiled by the success of the past and think the Habs still compete in a 12 team league. I can't wait for the day where coverage of the Habs will consist more of talking about actual hockey and strategies, rather than hidden political debates or this sensationalism that's taken over the coverage of the Habs
Well put, this is my main concern with the Habs coverage. Too many ex players and ex coaches sitting in armchairs in the post-game shows. On the other hand, La Zone is an example that demonstrates a show like that can be done properly.

Regarding the sensationalism, it won't go away, hockey players will always be the in the spotlight in this city, ahead of tv personnalities, singers and whatnot. For every Jean-Charles there's a Dany Dubé, and for every PJ Stock there is a Pat Hickey (ok I took both extremes, but you get my point).

Can we ask ourselves the question: how come the names Markov, Komisarek, Kovalev come up most of the time in hockey-related discussions, and the names Price, Higgins (and Ribeiro, Theodore before that...) come up half the time in sensationalism-related discussions? There are always going to be players choosing to stay low key and stay dedicated to hockey, and others who embrace the jet-set Montreal has to offer. And there will always be media to report on both aspects.

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