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04-24-2009, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Souvenirs View Post
Komi is a player in a role that doesn't fit him. He's not a good fighter, but he'll do it because he wants to stand up for his teammates. If he doesn't, no one will, and every team targets him because he's one of our biggest guys, which doesn't make him an enforcer or fighter anyway. He won't back down, but he'll often let his emotions get the best of him. This season has been incredibly frustrating for him so it's normal he gets a bit pissed.
Remember the 0-5 comeback against the Rangers? It started after Komi had an altercation with another player.
He's the ultimate team guy, IMO.
That is Komi's own fault. He went from being an intimidating defensive dman to trying to be a bully this year.

He's perfectly suited for the role he's supposed to play: physical, intimidating defensive dman. Even Bruins fans would agree that last year Komi was a very physical/intimidating presence between the whistles last year. This YT vid was made last year and illustrates the presence he brings to the lineup when he's on his game.

This year something was clearly off, to me it seemed both mentally and physically. He wasn't keeping up with the play and his decision making had really regressed. But worst was that he turned into a bully. He wasn't playing well enough to be a factor between the whistles and tried to intimidate after whistle which is when he's not effective in part because he's not that good of fighter nor is he willing to fight at the drop of a hat. Maybe it was frustration at not playing up to his potential, but you could see that the aggression that should have been unleashed during the play came out after the whistle and he wasn't being smart about it, nor did he back it up enough.

As far as fighting in general, if he only fights 5 times a year for legitimate reasons, it'll go a long way. Regehr, Mitchell, Orpik, Phillips, Souray, Weber all fight about 2-5 times a year. The only defensive dman I can think of who fights a lot is Brenden Witt. It's about dropping the gloves at the right times like he did last year with Hartnell and Dubinsky.

He needs to get back to being a physical presence during the play and not worry so much about the after the whistle stuff. People are a lot less hesitant to challenge you for hard clean play than trying to push around smaller players after the whistle.

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