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04-24-2009, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Pretty good period for Grabovski with the linemates he has. You have to give it to him. He never stops working. As much hate as we have for the guy himself, as a hockey player, he definately would have been more useful than Plekanec in this series. Boston would have hate us even more with that guy in the lineup though...
Yea, I got ripped last year when I had Grabovski as one of our top prospects, I didn't know he would turn into such a ******** though, I never saw him pull the crap he's pulled this year when in Hamilton. He was a treat to watch for the Dogs, especially when it was him and A.Kostitsyn on the same line.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
It makes no sense whatsoever. I'm sorry but you kinda have the impression that those guys are doing whatever they want. I'm sorry but a playoff experience with the Dogs is better in my opinion. And not only that but if you knew it could happen, why the heck would you put him on the Dogs list when in the process you don't put D'Ago and O'Byrne on it....It's scary how so many details keep being so disregarded....
Sure it makes sense, I figured S.Kosty would go to the WC's over Hamilton as a guess, I assume that Gainey was throwing him a bone so to speak, as I'm sure he would much rather go play with his brother at the WC"s then be sent down to the AHL again.

As for O'Byrne, he can't be sent down, he's played too many NHL games now so there's no need to risk losing him on waivers, to get some games in with the Dogs. As for D'Ago, I can see why they didn't send him down too, he played only a couple weeks in Hamilton this year, so perhaps Gainey didn't want to send the wrong message, or perhaps he wanted to send him the right message, you are an NHLer now and your time in the AHL is over.

I see no problem with these moves.

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