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04-24-2009, 11:24 AM
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By far Timonen has been our best dman.

I think Coburn has been our second best/most useful dman as evident that he is leading ALL players in the playoffs in ice tim right now. Yes, last night they said he was first, putting him ahead of even guys like Lidstron, Timonen and everyone else. Now that's not saying Coburn is they best dman, just that his play has been very very good and that Stevens has recognized this and is logging him extra minutes. He's played very sound out there.

I think Carles has been our next best player on defense. Like it or not we NEED him in ibg way. When others around him are having a bad game it really shows on Carle. It basically falls on his shoulders to fix everyone elses mistakes when he is on the ice and lets face it, he's not Kimmo Timonen. It's when the rest of the team plays poor defensively that everyone is say "DAMNIT Calre, WTF". He's a quality 2nd pairing dman but he's not good enough to cover for colossal mistakes like Kimmo can.

Parent has been pretty solid. Not spectacular but solid enough. He still makes rookie mistakes and turns the puck over but Kimmo is his security blanket and Kimmo does a damn good job out there. Parent is going to be very very good in his own zone in another year or 2 but right now he still chses the play and gets knocked off the puck a bit. He seems a little intimidated but the whole playing on the top pairing in the playoffs against Crosby thing but hey, what do you expect, this is his first full season in the NHL and he even missed the first half of it. I'm not dissapointed by any means, I just want to fastforward this kid 2 years and see what we've got.

I think Alberts has been the equal of Parent in this series. Though he's still borderline not ver good/aweful with the puck, the man is our ONLY really physical dman out there. I hate to say it but both Crosby and Malkin have been shaking our dmen off like they are paper weights out there except when Alberts runs them. Alberts is the ONLY dman who even remotely intimidates those 2. Last game we did an excellent job of covering Malkin and Crosy with a team blanket defense and smothered their chances but overall those 2 have been running all over the ice controlling the puck. If Crosby in particular had wings like what we have we'd be in trouble.

Jones shouldn't even take a shift anymore he's so aweful out there. He does nothing possitive when he's on the ice, at least not for us that is. Alberts should be taking his shift alternating beween Timonen and Coburn double shifting IMO.

That is how I rank our dmen this series.

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