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Originally Posted by TBLightningFan View Post
I am just now getting into hockey classes. I am going through this debate on which I should do. I am right handed in all aspects of life. As advised by many at the rink, I picked up a left stick. It makes some sense doing it that way. Plus since I am learning, I figured I should do it the right way. Also, I stop way better with my right side, so that make it easier to shoot left also.

Now for the wrinkle... I have been a bowler for the previous 20 years and you could imagine how much more strength I have on my right side from throwing 16 pounds 50-60 times a night (2-3 times a week). I used to bowl in some tournaments where I had 10-12 matches in a day.

I tried shooting both ways and when I do so on the right, it feels like I have way more power with it. The left I can somewhat see where I have more control (hard to tell), and where situations with only one hand on the stick it would be an advantage.

What is everyones opinion? Should I continue to learn shooting left, or should I switch to the right putting my much, much stronger side lower on the stick?
I'm right handed in every aspect of life and I shoot right. In theory right-handed peole shoot left but it doesn't work for everyone. I think you should just go for whatever you feel is more natural or comfortable. As the original poster said, about 35% of NHL players shoot right. A lot of them are right-handed for everything else (since only what 10% of people are left-handed or something like that?).

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