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04-24-2009, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Point of it is that how the heck do you analyze somebody's work if you are not allowed to review it and acknowledge the results. Sure, if you don't want to blame Gainey for letting Ryder go, so be it. But I would totally blame Gainey for giving Ryder 1-year contracts year after year despite his great offensive seasons. If that's not a sign of not having confidence, I don't know what is. And everybody knows that confidence is a big part of how somebody plays. As far as Streit goes, well you might believe or not the "rumor" that he would have accepted a 2.5 million for 3 years IF the Habs would have made him a d-man, thing is if true, Streit was never as bad as people here thought he was. Like Souray was never as bad as his Spezza highlight reels was showing. Gainey bet that O'Byrne was ready as the #4 and miscalculated. O'Byrne never played a single season in the NHL and then he was suppose to be ready for a #4 job?

As far as Kost, Pleks and so on, I agree. Anyway, the value of a average looking Kosty is better with us than for whatever assets we could get through a trade. Though, if a trade can be made and that we could actually get something great ni return, it might not matter as much as the Ribeiro trade did. I'm not ready to let him go, but it's all about who you get in return. But both Kostys will have to some some freakin maturity and get their act together and show some work ethic. 'Cause even if they are traded and don't show that, they won't succeed.
I agree with you Whitesnake - to SOME degree, GM's are rated on the reality of a situation after the fact. EVERY GM has to deal with players that get away, etc, and I'm sure there are good players that are let go from every team at one time or another.

But as a GM, you make tough decisions to let players go, acquire players, sign players to contracts, hire/fire coaches, etc but ultimately your rating of success or failure is what happens on the ice.

Gainey has done some good things, but he has also done some bad things. Overall I think he has mostly been positive, and there isn't anybody out there today that I think can do a better job with all things considered. But there is no reason we can't question a GM's decision-making after the fact - no reason at all.

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