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Originally Posted by JKP
I believe unions are outdated and no longer necessary.

- labour law suficiently protects workers (esp. in Canada)
- collective salary bargaining destroys the root of productivity: a meritocracy (reward for value provided)
- promotion based on seniority vs. merit further reduce productivity by placing the wrong people in the wrong roles
- union "rules" of who can do what further reduce productivity and options to increase productivity
- unions create a generally unhealthy "us vs. them" between managers and their staff; reducing the agility with which businesses can respond to fast-changing markets
- union leaders are now in fact the very same "fat cats" they historically profess to fight against, making massive salaries and often leading their unions into un-needed job actions simply to justify their high salaries and reason to exist

In a global economy, unions drive up the cost of goods and eventually force their employing companies to move the jobs elsewhere or allow for more competitive, non-unionized competitors to squeeze into their market.

I concur with the original poster's sentiments.
In Canada, the BC Liberals introduced legislation that reduced the minimum wage, weakened union and WCB protection and also weakened laws governing child labour. Internationally, the IMF and World Bank routinely impose restructuring programs on countries that either deregulate or eliminate labour law protection for workers.

Unions increase productivity, according to most recent studies. The voice that union members have on the job—sharing in decision-making about promotions and work and production standards—increases productivity and improves management practices. Better training, lower turnover and longer tenure also make union workers more productive.

Source: Dale Belman, "Unions, the Quality of Labor Relations, and Firm Performance," in Unions and Economic Competitiveness, eds. Lawrence Mishel and Paula B. Voos (Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, Inc.: 1992), pp. 41-107.

Corporations are the economic equivalent of fascism while unions are democratic. You want to eliminate unions then you must also eliminate the freedom to assemble and freedom of association.

And, again, by unions you probably only mean blue-collar unions while ignoring Chambers of Commerce, Lawyer associations, Doctors' associations, Engineer associations, University associations, Public unions, etcetera. Let's be fair and eliminate their right to associate freely, too.

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