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04-24-2009, 04:51 PM
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I've been lurking here for forever, so figured I'd finally go ahead and post.

Name: David
Age: 32
Sex: M
Where You're From: near Cleveland, OH
Where You Live Now: Greenville, NC
Nationality: American
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: hazel
Mode of Transportation: '99 Ford Ranger
Job: political hack
What brought you to HF Boards: Been surfing all the various hockey boards since the 06 Cup run.
How you became a hockey fan: Saw a practice when I was a kid, but not much hockey on TV up in Cleveland at the time. Started watching it on ESPN and the Caps on HTS in the late 80's/early 90's after I moved, and went to some minor league hockey games then (Richmond Renegades).
How you became a Canes fan: When they announced they were moving the Whalers to Raleigh the Canes became the first NHL team I considered 'mine'.
Favorite thing about being a Canes fan: The fans and players. Never seen anything like either at a major league level.
Favorite Cane's Player(s): Ruutu, Wallin
Favorite NON Cane's Player(s): Mario Lemieux
Other Sports You Like: lacrosse, college football
Other Sports Teams You Cheer For: all Cleveland teams, and ECU sports
College Attended/Attending: East Carolina U. '99, American U. '01
Video Game Systems Owned: Xbox
Favorite Game(s): too many to list
Music You Listen To: classic rock, alternative, Jimmy Buffett
Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars, The Godfather, Lord of the Rings
Favorite Book(s): usually read histories and biographies
Favorite Food(s): chili (love Hard Times in Raleigh)
Favorite TV Show(s): uh, there's stuff on TV besides the Canes?
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: blank old red Canes
Anything Else: nope!

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