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04-24-2009, 06:53 PM
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there is no way of answering this question without you answering a ton of questions.
depends what you want. depends how you want it. depends how much money you are willing to invest. depends how much time you are ready to invest. depends how much pain you are ready to endure.

remember, you will have the tattoo you deserve.

do some research. if you want a stencil generic tattoo, you can go at your uncle bob's tattoo parlor and get it done. you can also open a box of Capn Crunch and get one like that.

if you want some REAL work, you need to figure what you want, and how. The most respected tattoo artists in the businees are the custom artists. they will create a unique tattoo for you, following guidelines or ideas that YOU will have put together. There are as many tattooing styles as there are artists. its entirely up to you to figure out what you want and need. Some artists are better at some styles than others (ie Black/ shading/ realist/ color/ sleeves/ backs/ legs).

my suggestion to you is to have a CLEAR idea of what you want, with or without a sketch or w/e, and be able to explain where/ what u want, and what you expect from the work you want done. From that point on, it is your resposibility to shop around, go through portfolios and ask questions to artists if u can, or snoop around tattoo parlours around the city.

I can name a good dozen artists in and around Montreal, but i dont want to make your job easy, and i dont want to generate free publicity. and most of all i dont want to forget any.

My best bet: tattoo convention. if youre serious about it, you will take the steps necessary to a successful and worthwhile tattoo.

my 2 cents.

ps: youll get the tattoo you deserve, remember that.

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