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04-24-2009, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Problem in that I'd rather have Luongo.

Sadly, this seems to be something the Flyers' fan base fixates on. It's unfortunate, too, that some of the best goaltenders in the NHL are in the Atlantic Division; fans can't help but compare their own roster to a rvial's roster.

Originally Posted by FlyersCup08 View Post
As I have been saying, he is awful behind the net, making a play that should lead to a Flyers rush to offensive pressure by the Pens. Some poor puckhandlers are good enough to make up for it, IMO Biron is not one of them. He's a decent goalie who gets streaky, which is why so many fans flip flop on him. But I stand by that unless he somehow stays on fire for a long time, we won't get far in the playoffs with him.

I'm not a Biron hater, I just think he's not a goalie that's gonna get us a Cup, and that's all that matters in my mind.
Some of the league's best puck handling goaltenders get burned far more often than Biron. I have watched a lot of Dallas games in the past two seasons and Turco, though often representative of a third defenseman, gets himself into far more trouble than a lot of goalies due to the frequency of his puck handling. Biron's not a stud with the puck (obviously), but even the best puck handlers get burned on occasion.

Biron is a decent goalie. I'll never argue that he's in the 'elite' group in the NHL. There are only a handful of goalies that are better than him, though, and even most of them haven't been as far in the playoffs as he has. Biron will only be mildly respected until he lifts the Cup and I'd even expect that respect to disappear were the Flyers to fail to repeat the following season.

As tight as the Flyers are to the salary cap and given the options through free agency, I'd argue that the Flyers will be weaker between the pipes next season if #43 isn't the guy.

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