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04-24-2009, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by TheKingPin View Post
seriously, ive never seen a team rely on 3 players more than the pens. They are so very fortunate to get 2 of the best players for the next 10 years and a very good goalie. But it shows how bad their D is when you start getting rebound chances that Fluery has no chance on. Then when you back check and get Malkin off his game. They have very little else. Imagine what would happen if Malkin got hurt for the series...
Fluery was the top overall pick, IIRC... And getting Staal is no small thing either. But I agree that their hopes are pinned very much on the C&M boys, with MAF backstopping them for the duration.

That said, IMO, getting Gonchar back off of LTIR was the major piece that turned them around again... that and the coaching change, but Gonchar mostly, in my mind.

I really don't see them going all that far relying on their key players as much as they do... And the cap and their financial situation will not help them down the road, as I see it.

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