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09-20-2004, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
dude... that doesn't matter. they would be draft eligible whenever a draft occured, there was an article about how this was going to be a problem potentially on TSN that someone posted, and it is why a lot of prospects got snatched up on the eve of the lockout, specifically so they wouldn't lose them if thise doomsday scenario were to play out.

To clarify this question I sent an e-mail to Bob McKenzie from TSN.

My question in bold and then his response in Italics.

One more question I have, that particularly concerns my Flyers.

They have not signed Jeff Carter or Mike Richards, and I'm led to believe that they can no longer sign players during a lockout.

What would happen if the lockout passes June 5th ??

Would that mean that Carter & Richards would go back into the draft, whenever it's held ???

Or will the Flyers have the opportunity to sign them once a CBA if finally negotiated.

I appreciate all your work ... just a shame that TSN can't be picked up in Philadelphia .... Thank God for

John Baraldi

His response

If the lockout passes June 5, in theory, Carter and Richards would go back into the next draft, whenever that it is. But like the contract issue we stared talking about, nothing is ever black and white. Carter and Richards, and unsigned players like them, will be the subject of negotiations. The NHL is not going to hang the Flyers or any team that opted not to sign draft picks out to dry...the way the NHL sees it, the Flyers did the right thing by not signing or even negotiating with Carter and Richards..the leagtue wishes more teams woujld have done that and the league wasn't too happy on lockout eve when Anaheim signed Perry and Getzlaf, Calgary signed Phaneuf and Florida signed technically,k the answer to your question is, no one is sure what will happen...but the sense seems to be the league won't allow teams like the Flyers to lose ace prospects over lockout technicalities and there will be some mechanism introduced to give the Flyers another crack at these guys and with those guys feeling the pressure of possibly being re-drafted into a system that is going to screw entry level players...hope that makes some sense to you.


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