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09-20-2004, 02:47 PM
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Best Hockey Analyst - Bob McKenzie

Quotes from McKenzie:

"It is not as simple as saying these guys created their own mess, too bad for them," TSN hockey expert Bob McKenzie said. "At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. When Titanic hit the iceberg, nobody was asking if the captain was at fault or not. It was 'man the lifeboats!' "

Yep, so let's get "cost certainty" so that we never have a Titanic situation again.

"I don't think the NHLPA could care less if four to six teams went down the drain. Some people would say that is a loss of jobs. If you got the truth serum out with the players, they are less interested in preserving 100 to 150 jobs than they are in maintaining the salary levels or a reasonable facsimile for the better players. I honestly believe that 150 of the lowest-paid players in the NHL would get thrown under the bus in a heartbeat if the balance of the membership could maintain their income."

I agree. It is about greed on the player's part.

McKenzie: "The easy answer for me is the NFL has a cap, the NBA has a cap, why shouldn't the NHL have a cap? The players would say 'because we don't want one.' Is that a good enough reason?

"I am sure there is some system with a cap that could work."

I agree, not a very good reason why the NHL shouldn't enforce "cost certainty."

McKenzie Rulez!!

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