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04-24-2009, 11:59 PM
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WTF is everyone trying to do now? It's like Kesler is a target for jealous SJ, TML, Flames fans who want to get back at Kesler for owning Pavelski, Moore, and Lombardi in the polls. How can you compare Kesler and Hemsky? It's like you're trying to make Kesler get owned in a poll without comparing him to a superstar just so he looks bad, but get the opposing player borderline in skill so you don't look like an idiot.

I voted for Kesler because I watch Hemsky a LOT, and when he's not on his game he's useless. Also he's tough, but very soft, and hardly ever shoots. It's sometimes frustrating to watch him just stand there in the corner on the PP with the puck when he can snipe one. I voted Kesler because he's always producing, gritty, leader, hard-worker, PKer, and he can do anything and fill in for any position. Hemsky is like 80 points per season. Kesler is about 60. 20 pt differential is a lot, but Kesler played half the season on the third line, and he went on a tear when he moved up to the 2nd.

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