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04-25-2009, 06:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Hobgoblin Steve View Post
So exited! I found a store that had the 120XP's in my size for 250. Exactly my price range, exactly the boot I wanted. My only concern is with the Pitch holder and the clicking noise people seem to have with it. I could probably deal with it, and I have a Koho Excalibur set Ive been using that would probably fit on it if it were really that annoying, but Id rather not go through that. Well see what happens when I get them (had to order them from my local store that has another store somewhere- shipping them in). woo!

Im only letting you guys know cuz ive been annoying about skates round here the past weeks
Its not the noise that is the problem. In my experience with them it is the feel of the blade shifting in the holder because the screws dont either hold the blade firmly or are not lined up properly.

I perfer Tuuk's myself

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