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04-25-2009, 07:44 AM
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I wouldn't mind Carey Price. The poor guy was fed to the wolves in Montreal. Last year in the playoffs, he was playing with broken fingers on each hand. When the Philadelphia series started, he could barely grab his stick and he couldn't catch with his glove hand. Carbo should not have played him, yet they just gave him the freezing in his hands and he was expected to perform a miracle. As for this season, he was fed to the wolves. When he played at the young stars game this year, you could tell he wasn't fully healthy and Blake Wheeler lit him up. He never recovered from that. I have to agree with Don Cherry on that. Montreal should have never let him play in the young stars game. Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau once again dropped the ball in their handling of Price.

As for Pantywaste and his comments about Price being a "selfish player and lacks guts", I'm glad to see that your stupidity and ignorance continue to shine through. Honestly, you have zero knowledge about what you're talking about. If anything, Price has continually given in to bad coaching decisions and hasn't shied away from things. He gave back to the Montreal crowd and I salute him for that. This is also the same pack of people who turned on Patrick Roy, the greatest goalie of our era. The Montreal fans deserve zero respect for how they turn on their own. I thought Philadelphia fans were pretty bad in terms of turning on their own, but it's nothing like Montreal fans. So, don't comment about something you know nothing about. Hockey Canada has had nothing but positive and glowing things to say about Carey Price. Their word carries more weight than the crap you spew Pantywaste.

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