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09-20-2004, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Seachd
Yeah, McKenzie nailed it. "We don't want it" isn't a good enough reason. They don't actually have a good reason. Goodenow has all but admitted himself that it's all about the money (no big surprise). So, yeah, greed factors in quite a bit.
I agree. I keep hearing that hockey players by and large are among the more intelligent of the major sports. That doesn't mean as far as I.Q. levels are concerned. But rather very knowledgable about the goings on in their sport and the ramifications of this lockout.

Well, Buzz Hargrove (President of CAW - Canadian auto workers) is no stranger when it comes to negotiating deals on behalf of his many constituents. When asked his opinion on the labour stoppage in the NHL he said that "If I had to tell the many thousands of people I represents that they would not be working for a year, I would out of a job".

Think about it, it makes a lot of sense! How are you dealing in the best interests of your players Mr. Goodenow if it is in their best interests to play the game and you are basically telling them that they won't for an entire year.

I have read on other threads that Goodenow and Saskin won't be paid during the lockout...that makes sense too, because they haven't done anything to warrant them being paid.

When you hear retired players giving advice to younger players its always the same thing...Enjoy every minute of your career, because it goes very quickly. With that in mind, how can these players want to lose an entire year of what is already a short career? Why waste a years worth of income? Many veterans are looking at 1 - 2 years left to play, do you think they want to be put out to pasture under these circumstances? They don't want to be remembered like this. They want to continue to put their stamp on the game that has afforded them all of the finer things in life. It is lunacy, and it will blow up in their faces. The owners will break the union if they do not start to concede some serious points in the new CBA.

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