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Originally Posted by NCRanger View Post
Did you READ my post for CONTEXT? The point about Ovechkin or Semin isn't that I necessarily want them to get hurt, but by one of them getting hurt BECAUSE of that stuff your management calls ice, would call attention to the ice situation at the Verizon Center.

And it's not just this series. The ice in that place is terrible, A DISGRACE TO THE NHL, and it IS going to cause a major injury someday. It's already decided games, again, NOT in this series, but in other games. Last year, for instance, in overtime, when Brendan Shanahan was winding up for a shot, caught a rut in the ice, and Green got a breakaway to win in OT.

The thing is, the league isn't going to do a damn thing about it, because Washington is now selling out their games. Bettman loves that. Yet, the Garden ice, which can be bad, is continually slammed by North American media, AND the league.

To prove my OTHER point -- can you tell me who John Druce was?
The context of your post is irrelevant when you wish injury on players. It is uncalled for no matter the reasoning. The management is well aware of the ice problems, and they have made several changes to try to rectify the issue. The problem is that there are a few major changes needed, and until the current owner of the stadium either allows the Caps owner to make those changes, or sells him the stadium, the changes wont be made.

The Garden is slammed by the media because the ice there IS bad. It is pretty hypocritical of you to complain about the Verizon Center ice, and use bad ice as a justification to wish injury on players when you freely admit that your own Stadiums ice is bad.

As for your last question Druce was player during the late 80's who had an outstanding post season for us after a medicore regular season. Maybe Brads can repeat

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