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09-20-2004, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Legolas
If you're paying me $8, and then you cap me at $5 but you pocket the extra $3 instead of making the workplace better, how is that improving anything except your profit margin?
Problem is that the individual salaries won't be "capped". Also, btw, most workplaces have a "cap" on how much you can earn in a position (ie: scale might be $12 to $18/h).

Besides, if in this case, everyone was earning $0.05 per day and you were earning $8, what would you say if the owner told you: "I can't operate profitably unless we revise your salary to $5. It's that or nothing since I can't go on paying you that much."? If the most you could earn in other places around the world was $4, agreeing with the owner actually means you'll still be making $1 more than if the league closed. Not good enough for you?

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