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Originally Posted by gamedotdll View Post
The context of your post is irrelevant when you wish injury on players. It is uncalled for no matter the reasoning. The management is well aware of the ice problems, and they have made several changes to try to rectify the issue. The problem is that there are a few major changes needed, and until the current owner of the stadium either allows the Caps owner to make those changes, or sells him the stadium, the changes wont be made.

The Garden is slammed by the media because the ice there IS bad. It is pretty hypocritical of you to complain about the Verizon Center ice, and use bad ice as a justification to wish injury on players when you freely admit that your own Stadiums ice is bad.

As for your last question Druce was player during the late 80's who had an outstanding post season for us after a medicore regular season. Maybe Brads can repeat
Of course I don't want a player injured. The point was that you have a once-in-a-lifetime talent that could blow a tire rather easily on the ice there, and if someone of that talent did get hurt, the league would have to look into the situation. The ice HAS decided games, and frankly, I think you win Game 2 if the ice is professional quality. Even Eddie O made a few comments about players falling. It wasn't repeated, I'm sure because the league doesn't want the "new" team in Washington to face any kind of "negativity". Yet, New York, be it the Rangers team, players, coaches, fans, etc., can be bashed repeately without counter. THAT, my friend, IS the issue.

You said it yourself. The owner is aware of the problems but cannot fix them because of Verizon Center ownership. That sounds like a MAJOR problem. And, really, the league should step in if that is the situation, and either force the parties to rectify the situation, or fine the Washington Capitals franchise so much per day for less than minimum standards. Factories and other places of business have to comply with some basic minimum safety requirements. If a business is operating while it knowingly has dangerous conditions for its employees, they can be seriously fined, and the owners subject to criminal penalties. And, it sounds like the owners of the Verizon Center are dangerously close to that line.

It's not hypocritical at all to compare the two. At least the Garden TRIES to do something about it, and acknowledges there are issues. In '94, the Rangers were FORCED to bring in an "ice consultant" for the Finals. The Garden ice is nowhere as bad as it had been. It still needs a lot of work, as do most multi-purpose arenas. The fact is though, you walk into the Garden, it's COLD. You walk into the RBC Center, it's COLD. Philips Arena, moderate. You walk into the Verizon Center, it's WARM. The ice issues are almost a league-wide problem, and it has been stated that all the arenas in the Southeast Division have some serious issues.

As for John Druce -- mediocre season? Try on the bus between Washington and Baltimore during the 89-90 season, only to have a stellar playoff in 1990 (14 goals in 15 games), killing the Devils and Rangers, before being stopped by Boston. He then had a pretty good 90-91 season (22 goals) for Washington. At least you identified him though.

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