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04-25-2009, 01:59 PM
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I don't excuse Tortorella for throwing a water bottle. Suspend him, fine, go ahead. Suspend Orr and Voros too. And while we're at it, suspend Avery for just being Avery. We can't have players and coaches attacking fans, that's not good, and needs to stop immediately.

On the other hand, now I have no idea what was said, thrown, spit, or hurled in the direction of the Rangers bench, fans cannot be as involved in the games as they seem to be. Taunting, rude chants, etc. have been part of the game probably since it's inception, but in the 30+ years I've been follwing this game, things have gotten out of hand. Frankly, some of the arenas in-game promotions cross the line. I have no idea if the Verizon Center's jumbotron "encouraged" fans or not, but that nonsense DOES happen around the league, yet NOBODY says anything about it.

The other night, the Devils jumbotron showed a Devil fan throwing a pie in the face of a Hurricanes "fan". Why? Is that fun? It's freaking stupid. The first Canes-Ranger game I went to in Raleigh in 2000 "featured" a guy on ice in a Ranger jersey with a "voice" with a heavy NY accent making "fun" of "the south", only to have the Hurricane mascot come out and tackle him. Again, what the **** is the point?

Why can't we get back to going to the GAME? Why do we need all of this side-show "entertainment" catering to the bandwagon ADD-afflicted idiot? Some of the stuff that goes on in these arenas borders on WWE style nonsense. It only seems as the next logical step would be for a fan to go over the line of taunts into attacking a player or a coach. And with the way the league has demonized Avery, when will a "fan" WITH THE TACIT ENCOURAGEMENT OF EVERYONE EXCEPT TRUE HOCKEY FANS, do something to try and injure the guy on ice?

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