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Originally Posted by GoCoyotes
I agree with the examples given in the article, but I don't see the parallels in your two examples.

Thornton's rookie contract surely kept the bar raised high, but other than Kovalchuk, I can't really think of too many who benefited by comparing to the Thornton contract.

Same with the Fedorov contract. That ended up being one of the last, if not the last offer sheet that was signed. There were not other contracts that were top loaded with all incentives and a lower guarantee like that. It no doubt helped to raise the bar for UFA's like Turgeon & Roenick, but I think the Sakic contract is more responsible for the Federov contract and so on.
Right, I'm just thinking of contracts that were huge for their time.

Fedorov got something like $28 million for 4 months of work in 98. I know his deal averaged out to about $6 million a year, but the Red Wings were thinking more in the $4-5 million range when resigning him. And just for the record, that offer sheet was made of of spite, becuase Karmanos and Ilitch don't like each other, and Karmanos knew Ilitch would match it. And Karmanos is one of the owners crying and complaining now.

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