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09-20-2004, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by GoCoyotes
What's wrong with communism, as you put it, in pro-sports?

I personally don't prefer the hard cap, but think that revenue sharing must go hand-in-hand with a cap, and you don't see the owners insisting it is necessary.

I'd like to see a looser cap that would reward the positive management of teams, that gives the advantage of drafting well or having professional scouting that can pick diamonds in the rough up cheaply. Part of that is to increase the draft age, so it is less of a gamble and a little more likely of a science. Let teams draft a set amount of underage players, or specify it for certain rounds of the draft.

If the owners are stupid enough to put themselves at risk, I don't think the players should be held responsible for the owners mistakes. However, I think it's important for teams to be able to maintain their roster without gutting it for financial concerns unless they choose to.

Well, there's nothing wrong with communism in and of itself, just that it is impossible to acheive, and every attempt at it has failed. For communism to work, you need total 100% cooperation from everyone inviolved. It can't happen in real life, and it certainly can't happen in pro sports.

the looser cap would be kinda like socialism, I guess. So why don't all the canucks want it?

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