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09-20-2004, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by DoobieDoobieDo
Let's take this one step further...

What if the owners get a cap they want, 31 million dollars.

They are still pulling in 80-100 million roughly (I don't know I'm pulling a number out of my head) with ticket sales, local TV contracts, what little merchandizing they have...

And instead of going, hey let's cut ticket prices (which is outrageous), they pocket the money instead and then take it a step further and RAISE ticket prices, making it 110 million next season and then another 120 million the next...

Is that fair?
Is it fair that 7/11 will only pay up to $11.00 an hour for a cashier? If the store is profitable, then salaries should continue to go up to $30.00!! By your logic anyway. Of course 7/11 is going to keep the profits.

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