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04-25-2009, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by gillyguzzler View Post
I strongly disagreed with the four panelists who thought Price was a better goalie now than he was when he came to Montreal two seasons ago. Dubé was bang on for everything, until he concured that Price was better now.
To me, those comments was more about protecting Melanson than saying the truth about Price. No way is Price a better goalie. First, everybody said that they had no idea what he looked when he was in Tri-City. Then, I would really like to know how many of those guys saw him at the Worlds but moreso during the Calder Cup. Probably not a whole lot of games. But then, and it's only my opinion, I do not remember to have seen him, even during his first games in Montreal, how much he was overcommitting on some shots. I'm sorry but he can't have progressed in that department. If so, it would have mean playing worst than Aebisher 'cause the kid overcommits in tons of shots. Then the play around the net is not better by all means. He doesn't read the plays correctly and haven't made a iota of improvement there. The mental toughness part, well clearly, there's nothing that has improved there.

But then how about asking the real questions? Maybe he was never that tough after all? Maybe he was never that great around his net? I mean, he didn't have the greatest of teams in Juniors so he had no expectations playing with Tri-City. As far as the World Juniors, well he played great, the team and the defense in front of him was just as strong or maybe a little inferior to the team that Pogge had in front of him (and please remember how people here never give the credit to Pogge 'cause of the team he had). And then, The Calder Cup, another small "tournament" who the adrenaline kicks in. Again, the pressure of doing great for a strong Hamilton team, the pressure of taking the #1 goalie spot, okay so we could say that this is a real example of how great mentally he can very well be....but is that enough? And how can you compare this to a whole season?

So either he didn't improve a whole lot, either he never started as "strong" as they sold him to us. He has clear qualities that should make him a great goalie. Nice size, great positional play but reflexes still needs to improve though I think we saw against Pittsburgh what the kid can do when he's ready.

As far as Melanson's work though, I still believe that he's overrated. People give him the credit for the goalie that played here, while disregarding the fact that those goalies had become better BEFORE playing with the Habs. Look at Huet's last season with the Kings, look at Hackett's season with the Hawks.....But then once you can say that Melanson's work really should have started to pay off, look at how people had less and less confidence in Huet, look at how Theo lost his confidence and his game, look at how Aebisher looked on the ice and so on.....I just love how people won continuously defend Melanson keeps bringing how our goalies are supposed to have evolve once they came here but forget to mention how they decline before they left....

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