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04-25-2009, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Some teams have all the cap space in the world and an extremely deep pool of prospects to make up for lost picks. The Phoenix Coyotes, for example, have had six first round draft picks in the last three years(four of which are already NHLers), and are currently hovering right around the cap floor. I think the league's second worst offense could definitely use a potential fourty goal scorer in Phil Kessel, don't you? As a fan, I'd be very happy if I were to learn that we extended him a six year, thirty four million dollar offer sheet for an annual cap hit of five and two thirds million. It's just slightly more than we were paying Olli Jokinen, so clearly we can afford it. I don't think losing two firsts, a second, and a third is really going to destroy our future, either. Especially considering that we have two firsts this year, yet again, possibly giving us eight first rounders in the last four drafts. For a team like Phoenix, assuming there is a new ownership group in place, an offer sheet to a potential star like Kessel actually makes a whole lot of sense, in my opinion.
And now from Phil Kessel's perspective, does it make sense? You are going from a Stanley Cup contender to a team that was tied for 5th from the bottom. Not only that, but there is uncertainty about where the team will be playing by the time that contract would run it's course.

If Phoenix is going to entice Kessel to sign it has to be enough that he's willing to throw out a legit chance at winning a Cup in the next 2 years, and willing to put his future of where he settles and raises a family in question (he'd be 27 and presumably ready for a family by the end of that contract). IMO Phoenix is going to have not just beat Boston's offer, but significantly beat it.

I don't think it's impossible that he'd sign an offer sheet with the Coyotes, but I do think it's unlikely.

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