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04-25-2009, 08:48 PM
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you need to be realistic and realize that whether it was halak or price, it would not have a made a damn difference. There was no DEFENSE in front of him. When you get 3 breakaways against in one period, that should be enough to realize that the defense is to blame, whether price lets in those breakaway goals or not. He had a great season last year. He crumbled in the playoffs but it was understandable, it was his first. He had an incredible first half this year, but came back to quickly to go to the all-star game and lost all confidence from then on. He was back to playing good at the end of the season but theres nothing he can do when the team is missing 3 starting defenseman, including its number 1, and the rest are playing badly as they have ever been. Did you watch the playoffs and the last games before the playoffs? I think not.....because there was nothing in front of him. When you get outchanced mightily every game, goals are gonna go in, especially against the number 1 team in the east. Halak had a one week stretch where he was great but came back to earth afterwards. He would not have made a damn difference. The team could not score goals, was letting boston come in close to the net with their chances, was getting outchanced by an incredible margin, could not contain the cycle that boston could do at will and could not muster anything on the power play. Add to that that they kept letting the boston players get into the slot on the pk and let chara shoot as much as he wanted and there you go...price NOR halak would have made a ****ing difference. Its not the ****ing goalie, its the players and the system in front of the goalie.

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