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09-20-2004, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeytown9321

There is a system where the league won't lose tens of millions, but they refuse to acknowledge or talk about it, because it does not gaurantee them maximum profits. .
Are you talking about the players here?
Its kinda obvious that you side on the side of the players, but I dont get it. They have been proven to care less about the game , the fans & the owners. Why dont you give the owners the same opportunity to show they dont care.
BTW, if the players dont like the salary cap rules, cant they just go play in some other league?
And btw, your Wal Mart analogy is really quite stupid. If the franchises are healthy, the NHL (Wal Mart) is healthy. Wal Mart is much more akin to the NHL than it is to individual franchises. See, in the real world if Wal mart stores were a franchises, it would be very bad for the franchisor (Wal MArt/NHL)if numerous stores were going down the tubes or losing $$$.
See, its really not all that complicated.

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