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Originally Posted by Licentia
You are right. If the players don't like a cap, then they can take off!

I just can't understand why anyone sides with a player who makes $5 million a year. Like they are going to be so hard done by under a cap. :lol The players will still make tons of cash and the owners will have a league that will work for 30 teams. If the players were being forced to only make $50,000 a year after a cap - and the NHL didn't reduce their ticket prices drastically - then I could see people siding with them. Hell, I would be too! But they will still make millions under a cap or "cost certainty." So let's tell them to suck it up and sign a deal. Boo hoo hoo, Niklas Lidstrom won't make $10 million anymore. Tears are filling my eyes for him. He'll still be a multi-millionaire under a cap! Time to pull up the training diapers, stop the temper tantrums when you don't get what you want, and get on with the season NHLPA!!

My argument against a cap has nothing to do with what the players make. I agree they make too much, and I won't feel sorry for them if they have to take a major cut. I don't like a cap because it prevents a team from maintaning an elite status.

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