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09-20-2004, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeytown9321
Right, thats what I'm saying. The owners have their financial interests at heart. Thats all. They could care less if you or I ever went to another game. They could care less if any of their fellow owners went broke. They could care less if any of their fellow owners ever won another game. Its all about maximizing profits. Don't let anybody fool you into thinking they have a more noble goal than that.

If they truly had the game's interest's at heart, they would compromise on a luxury tax now, before the game is ruined. They can have a cap all they want, but if they miss an entire season, its going to take alot more than that to fix things.
But if they CAN'T sustain the league anymore and if a more restrictive CBA is the only way to keep the league alive (and to develop/market it), if they love hockey, wouldn't they really try to get a deal that will provide us fans for years?

Also, you don't seem to grasp that there is a "labour" market and that market is up to negociations in a capitalistic world. Not negociating a new CBA wouldn't be very capitalistic at heart.

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