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09-21-2004, 02:21 AM
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Saskin, Daly, Goodenow, and Bettman only represent the wishes of the players/owners. If the latter had different agendas (like not wanting a salary cap in the owners' case) or caved in, these negotiators would have hammered out a new CBA by now. So, its not their fault a lockout has taken place imo.

However, I'm sick of their rhetoric. Save us the lying and get back to the negotiating table until an agreement can be reached. These lawyers should be creative enough to give the owners the control they want over player salaries while maintaining a market-like system for the players.

In the end, I think a new CBA will be established quickly in 2006. Both sides have too much to risk worth losing. On one hand, the owners could suddenly see the de-stabilization of the league if the lockout lasts long enough. As much as six teams could move/contract thus jeopardizing the health of the league. The players, on the other hand, will sure miss their daily NHL income during the dog days of the lockout. Suddenly, an average salary of 1.3 mill could seem very appealing (just as Viagra is to men who can now reclaim some of their prowess of past years).

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