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Originally Posted by Quik View Post
The proper way to shoot is to have your strong hand as the bottom hand (Right hand for righties, and Left hand for Lefties). That way, when you shoot you have more muscle on it. This is also coming from past greats such as Andy Bathgate who told me that I was shooting wrong, and to think of it if you could only put one hand on the stick to shoot, which hand would you use?

Still, not everyone is like that. I'm right handed in everything except for sports, where I shoot left, and I have a pretty heavy shot.

My suggestion, if you're just getting started, shoot right handed if you're stronger with your right. It's easier to learn to play that way when you start, than be told you're doing it wrong and try to switch later on. If you've played for a while and are already comfortable Left handed, stick with it.

I break panes of plexi with my slapshots sometimes and am a righty who shoots lefty.

What you state applies to MOST people but the guys in this thread are like I am which is an exception to that rule same as you are.

Not sure why it happens honestly.

I am absolutely a righty but shoot left and bat left but throw righty.

There are more people like this than we may realize me thinks. I do everything as well as a lefty does it but I am not a lefty.

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