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09-21-2004, 05:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Legolas
I think the players will lose this one as well. However, I see why they've taken their position. First of all, history has shown that players' unions have fought to the very bitter end to prevent a salary cap from being put in place. The NFL union was broken over that issue. The NBA union only agreed to a salary cap after public opinion turned against them and their own membership became divided. For players who are used to the ever increasing salaries, a salary cap is death, the NHLPA will do anything to stop it from happening.

As for Goodenow, he has every reason to be confident, rightly or wrongly. In his history, he's seen the owners cave into him without fail. He's seen his association and the agents absolutely dominate arbitration, contract negotiations, etc. He has no reason to think the owners won't cave again. He thinks he has all the leverage. I think he's wrong this time, but I can see why he thinks he's right.

I can see that aswell, but he is taking an awfully big risk this time around. It is not in the owners best interests to get hockey going again if it is going to run the same as before. There have to be dramatic changes, like a cap, to give the game credibility. I think Goodenow will fail this time and the players will become divided as this lockout goes on. Everyone talks about the January deadline as the breaking point for the owners to cave, just to fit in a season with playoffs. I think that when that comes and the owners don't give in, then the players will have to start looking in the mirror, and understand that they will be going the full year with no hockey. Very scary indeed.

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