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09-21-2004, 05:56 AM
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Originally Posted by top_gun36
Even if they do have a cap @ $31 million, what happens to the teams that are over tha cap...kick players off the roster until they reach the cap
Several people in the hockey world have suggested a heavy fine for those teams going over the cap. $5 tax for every $1 over the cap is something I have read. That way, regardless of wanting to spend more on your team, that tax system would deter even the free spending NYR. Take last season as an example...
NYR payroll $77 million. If they get a cap of $31 million and tax it as stated above the Rangers would have had to pay...$261 million last season. Whatever they decide will have to be phased in to make it a little easier for those clubs who are way over the cap now.

I personally think that the proposed $31 million cap is too low. They should be in the neighbourhood of 38-42 million. Bettman and Daly simply picked 31 as a negotiating tool. That way when the PA comes to their senses and agrees to a cap, Goodenow will say "okay, but not 31 million, we won't take anything less than 40 million per team." Then Bettman will get the number he wanted all along, and the PA feels they have won back something for nothing.

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