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09-21-2004, 07:14 AM
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If everyone wants to pressure Cablevision/MSG Network into televising Wolfpack Games you have to make some pretty hard decisions regarding your entire internet, phone and cable systems.

The only way to make big companies listen is by hitting their pocketbooks. How many people have Optonline, cable TV through Cablevision and even possibly OptimumVoice? I have all of it plus DirecTV. I am actually considering canceling all of the Cablevision owned products and going strictly to DirecTV, icluding my internet connection, if MSG Network does not provide suitable alternative programming to replace hockey. This means a combination of Wolfpack, college and maybe even a few games involving prospects in the CHL.

The Wolfpack already have a deal with Comcast, so the ability to broadcast is there, they just have to negotiate with Comcast on a deal. The same goes for alot of the college and CHL teams.

Writing letters, e-mails or calling will not cut it alone but cancelling their product might.
With the sports package on DirecTV, I get a good amount of college games plus Providence Bruins games on NESN.

So to wrap up all of the babble, the bottom line is simple. If possible, cancel all Cablevision owned products, go to DirecTV or Dish Network and tell Cablevision the reason why you are cancelling all of their products. If enough people do this, it might just get their attention.

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