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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
It's a tradeoff. Yeah, you will get more power on your shot if you shoot dominant hand on bottom. You also put your dominant eye over the puck giving you better aim. But dominant hand on top, you get more control and your dominant eye is up over the ice and you can see the ice better for passing. Or for a more modern comparison, Ovechkin shoots dominant hand low, Crosby Dominant hand top.

Really, this has been discussed a billion times before on here. We don't really need another debate. Either way is correct.

There is no right way or wrong way though. But dominant hand on top is MUCH more common among the pro ranks. But guys like Mario and Bossy had dominant hand on bottom. Guys like Gretzky had dominant hand on top for comparison.
That's interesting about those names you named. I cannot imagine shooting with the dominant hand on the shaft and the lesser on the knob.

I wouldn't be able to shoot or do anything.

Okay I am a righty and my weight sits on my right dominant leg when shooting but my dominant right hand is on the knob (I shoot lefty) and my weaker arm is lower on the shaft.

So supposedly according to most here I am shooting the wrong way and must also be batting in baseball the wrong way. I've been playing for 35 years (I am 40 soon to be 41) and played competitively from highschool hockey onward for various good teams. I don't suck at playing is my point and have a heavy shot so where did I go right or wrong lolz?

Am I a rare thing for a hockey player because I have never really noticed if a team mate shoots left but is a righty or shoots righty and is a lefty.

This is interesting really.

I do know my dad played hockey and baseball and could switch hit in both baseball and hockey oddly enough. A genetic thing perhaps? I cannot switch hit though so I don't get it.

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