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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Practice and experience are what you need. For shooting, if you have a basement or garage with a smooth concrete floor, cover a puck in duct tape (ideally the gorilla tape brand, which has a better adhesive). layer two strips side by side top and bottom, fold the corners over and cut a strip in half lengthwise and wrap it around the edges. Then take a hockey stick and shoot it against your basement or garage wall (Ideally cinderblock).
The duct tape keeps it from marking, feel free to skip it if you don't care. Use either a shorter stick or practice on rollerblades so you don't throw off the height and lie of the stick.

As for decisions with the puck, only playing can help that.
I'll go one step further and recommend the non marking pucks that you can buy that have more of a plastic vulcanized rubber. They are more slippery than the regular rubber pucks and will actually slide very well on carpeting. They will damage and still make marks on a basement wall but not as dramatic, I mentioned more for the slippery aspects of them .... they are different than regular rubber pucks.

I learned to shoot with those, they are regulation weight and size. I would take the legs off of a large kitchen table so I could wear skates to make it as close to possible to the regular height if playing so the same shooting mechanics are achieved like you mentioned already.

I would either cover the table with short knapped carpet or not even use a carpet.

It really helped and it is slick enough to practice stick handling with a puck rather than a tennis ball or whatever. Cheap and it works especially if a formica toppped table is used.

I would also use spray furniture polish on the puck to give it some more glide.

mainly I used a table because I didn't have a basement to use and would just go outdoors in the backyard with it.

About the puck decision stuff .... the puck tells you your job like you said more or less.

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