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09-21-2004, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeytown9321
Well, there's nothing wrong with communism in and of itself, just that it is impossible to acheive, and every attempt at it has failed. For communism to work, you need total 100% cooperation from everyone inviolved. It can't happen in real life, and it certainly can't happen in pro sports.

the looser cap would be kinda like socialism, I guess. So why don't all the canucks want it?
Well, there seems to be a contradiction in your statements about communism. Every attempt at is has failed because it is inherently contrary to human nature, IMO. If we weren't individuals then communism would work just fine. Honestly, communism and socialism are the height of evil they ignore the individual's needs and, by extension, destroy the communications system within an economy, commonly known as prices. The potential for corruption is unlimited under those systems as opposed to the the limited and temporary corruption available in free markets. No system eliminates corruption and abuse, but a purely voluntary one will tend to minimize them, while socialism (and it's extreme version, communism) will tend to maximize them.

Now, that said, communes and communist like organizations work just fine for those who want to live that way, the problem lies in 'forcing' people to do so. All successful human interactions are voluntary, not coerced. I can see the need within the framework of professional hockey to have a kind-of 'collectivized' revenue system. The problem with the NHL labour situation is that both sides have mechanisms of coersion available to them. Bettman is right when he sited certain aspects of the current CBA as not being a free market. The most egregious of this is 'anti-collusion' laws in the face of mandatory negotiations with collectivised labor organizations.

That's the definition of an unequal playing field.


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