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Originally Posted by joechip
Well, there seems to be a contradiction in your statements about communism. Every attempt at is has failed because it is inherently contrary to human nature, IMO. If we weren't individuals then communism would work just fine. Honestly, communism and socialism are the height of evil they ignore the individual's needs and, by extension, destroy the communications system within an economy, commonly known as prices. The potential for corruption is unlimited under those systems as opposed to the the limited and temporary corruption available in free markets. No system eliminates corruption and abuse, but a purely voluntary one will tend to minimize them, while socialism (and it's extreme version, communism) will tend to maximize them.

Now, that said, communes and communist like organizations work just fine for those who want to live that way, the problem lies in 'forcing' people to do so. All successful human interactions are voluntary, not coerced.
Economic policy is determined in secret; in law and in principle, popular involvement is nil. A corporation, factory, or business is the economic equivalent of fascism: decisions and control are strictly top-down. People are not compelled to purchase the products or rent themselves to survive, but those are the sole choices.

The political system is closely linked to economic power, both through personnel and broader constraints on policy. Efforts of the public to enter the political arena must be barred: liberal elites see such efforts as a dangerous "crisis of democracy," and they are intolerable to statist reactionaries ("conservatives"). The political system has virtually no flow from bottom to top, apart from the local level; the general public appears to regard it as largely meaningless.

The media present a spectrum of opinion, largely reflecting tactical divisions within the state-corporate nexus. True, they are never obedient enough for the commissars. The media were bitterly condemned for undermining public morale during the war in Vietnam, playing into the hands of the imperial aggressors and their local agents. For the totalitarian mind, again, no degree of servility is enough.

There are dissidents and other information sources. Foreign radio broadcasts reach virtually no one, but alternative media exist. Dissidents are bitterly condemned as "anti-American" and "supporters of Communism" as demonstrated by the fact that they condemn the evils of the American system instead of marching in parades denouncing the crimes of official enemies. But they are not severely punished, at least if they are privileged and of the right color. Again, the concept "anti-American" is particularly striking, the very hallmark of a totalitarian mentality.

Totalitarian "ommunism" doesn't work for me but there are alternatives to the US model of society.

And the US is no paragon of free markets - subsidies, grants, tax breaks, tariffs, etc. - the US couldn't survive in a free market.

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