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04-27-2009, 03:31 AM
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Originally Posted by TheFirstSaviour View Post
I am shocked to hear so little on the Weber for Switzerland front! With the Olympics coming up, considering his form this year in the AHL and NHL, and reflecting on his future in the national team setup, why is he not being flown into town, asap? Bogosian, Doughty, and Schenn are all in town for a reason, and it may have more to do with the future than the present.
Well, you have to understand that teams like Switzerland have a different approach to the WC than one like Canada. Result at this tournament is imperative to secure the 8th place and to see where Switzerland stands compared to the top teams, while in Canada it is just an opportunity to see some players perform internationally on the way to the Olympics, which are considered the real tournament.

Another point is that Ralph Krüger is paid to win, not to develop players, so he picks the team that in his opinion will get the best results. With Switzerland not having enough talent to beat a top 6 team, getting result against those goes through a perfect team game, thus the need to use players that are used to play together. That means that for a North America based player to be picked, he needs to be significantly better than one the has taken part in all the exhibitions games during the season. This is why an NHL depth player won't get the nod over a dominant European league player.

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